The Vigilante’s M/C is a motorcycle club with chapters throughout Michigan.  Our Macomb chapter is located in south Warren on the corner of Groesbeck and Toepfer.  At our clubhouse, we host a number of events that are open to the public, such as our annual summer party and our weekly spaghetti nights and steak dinners.

The Vigilante’s M/C is a traditional motorcycle club that traces our roots back to the streets of 1960’s Detroit.  We are not a “gang” or criminal organization. We’re regular people who have jobs and families who have come together to form a brotherhood.

Macomb is a very tight-knit chapter that enjoys spending time together hanging out and riding our motorcycles.  We go on regular “runs” as a chapter, and typically we all ride together whenever possible, whether it’s down the street to a local hangout, up to our favorite spots in Northern Michigan, or across country.  During the off season, we stay active hosting regular events, both open to the public and for members only.

If you are interested in learning more about our club, please come down to a public event and talk to a member.


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  1. I would love to come down and have a few drinks. I am from the East Side and went to Finney HS. I grew up always seeing the Vigalates riding in numbers and seeing that Brotherhood made me feel good. I am also a Veteran. I am not in a club, I just didnt want to stop in and be disrespectful. I am all about respect, and loyalty.


    1. Joe,

      You’re welcome to come down on a Tuesday or Friday night. Ask a member about steak club to get the best steak dinner around on Fridays. See you there!

  2. Just wanted to say thanks to the Detroit Vigilante member that lives a mile from Wolverine Harley and has a silver Dodge Ram truck who stopped to make sure I was ok. (Sorry, I am bad with remembering names)
    I was out today (Sunday, 5/24/2015) for a long solo ride and stopped to take a break at a closed Wolverine Harley and have some water at a picnic table at Wolverine.
    This member saw a guy with a Harley off his bike in an empty parking lot and went out of his way to see if I needed any help.
    I think that was pretty cool and wanted to say thanks.

    Ride safely and thanks.

    1. Rob, not sure exactly who it was, but that’s what we do. We look out for each other on the road. Ride safe!

  3. Hi guys. I just wanted to say that hello. I used to hang out with some of the members at Robinhoods Inn back in the 90s after work. It was always a good time. Everyone I met from the club were stand up guys. Anyways, thanks for the memories.

  4. I just want to say I went to a V’s Annual Party today 7-18-2015 to show my support for the club and my son. It was FN AWESOME the people there were all cool. Yea I bought another support shirt, some of the guy’s there called me brother do I repled back nice meeting you brother. It was a pleasures to be there. THANK YOU ALL at the vlub on Gratiot and 94 for a great time. Looking for another visit. (Dave)

  5. My father said he rode with the Vs in the 60s , not sure if he was a full member but I would like to know , and if there are any pictures of him from those days . He would have been 70 this October . I am curious , I spent some time in the Gratiot club house years ago with a band I was in . Thank you for all the food and treating me awesome , I will never forget that . Respect

  6. I hope everyone is doing – O.K. and still having fun and riding safely–we have lost to many friends. I have plaques on 2 different clubhouse walls. I’m having a really hard time just trying to walk but summer is coming and nothing can stop me from getting around and having a little bit of fun. I’ve had friends in the club since 1971. I hope to run into some bro’s just to say hi while I’m still able to get around. the V’s are and have always been the best that Det. has. Being homebound I’m trying to learn to use a computer.

  7. I just wanted to say thank you to the wise. To the wives and the ladyfriends, it takes a lot to deal with a strong man. I comind my ladies. The Brotherhood of the vigilantes…wow!! You guys are angels from heaven, and I support you 100% by the grace of God I pray for each and everyone of you and your family’s.

    Double d. Deborah

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