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  1. Thanks guys for the steak dinner and birthday card.
    you are all very respectable, i’m honored to call you friends and brothers.

    TONY C

  2. Doc I’m looking to find out if a old time member that rode with the
    Vigilantes that was a real good friend of my fathers is still alive. My dads name was Paul Pearcy and the guy in the Vigilantes was John Dumford.
    I think John lived on St. Jean and also around the 7 mile and gratiot area too. The last time I can remember my dad talking about John, he was moving up toward Cadillac with his father. I can remember as a kid going to “Frogs” funeral. I just want to see if I can get ahold of John and let him know my dad passed a few years back. And if John’s not with us anymore to pay my respects to a lost friend. Thanks for any and all your help. Keep the Dirty side down and the chrome up !!!

  3. Can’t say what do, but will say I will do anything to support the V’s. I need a new start. Hope you will consider me as a possibility.

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